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Welcome to Communicating Success SLP Services Inc.

Thank you for your interest in Communicating Success SLP Services Inc. We must advise this practice has been retired and is now closed.


After over 25 years of providing highly valued private practice, Patricia Moyer R.SLP, SLP(C), PESL announced the planned retirement of Communicating Success SLP Services Inc.


This practice has now been retired.

Effective Nov 2017, new clients were no longer accepted.

Effective March 31, 2018 client services were completed.



Thank you to all those families and individuals who equally shared their own expertise, support, humour and innumerable insights over the decades.


The outpouring of client testimonials and words of appreciation from both clients and colleagues past and present has been humbling and professionally gratifying. One realizes being a Speech Language Pathologist is truly a highly worthwhile calling when people write notes such as these:


"We do not have the words to describe properly how your professional, personalized and very uplifting approach has moved us to a place we did not think possible only a few years ago. Quite simply, your impact has been enormous to our family and will be everlasting."


Regarding accessing SLP Private services for persons aged 2-60+ with highly varying Communication needs:

As a general first step, people should consider going to

The Alberta Private Practitioners search link (ASAPP)


There is a search engine where people may enter what they are looking for. It is free.

People may also contact Alberta Health Services SLP Services info link:


Patricia Moyer B.A., M.A.





Please note, we are not accepting new applicants as of NOVEMBER 2017




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Speech Therapy, Edmonton, AB Canada T5J 3R8

Speech Therapy, Edmonton, AB Canada T5J 3R8

Speech Therapy, Edmonton, AB Canada T5J 3R8